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The Network review by Jersey Lane

Over the thousands of years that we have had this beautiful gift of music it has most definitely evolved time and time again. For better or worse it evolves, But really who's to say what is better or what is worse?

I think if you are a true fan of music as a whole, you HAVE to go into all of it with an open mind and without the preconceived idea of what you like. No expectations, no judgment, and I can guarantee if you look at music that way from now on, you will almost always find something completely out of the ordinary, something you never would have expected to enjoy. The artists that create art like this are the ones that keep music ever changing.

Now, If you are in fact the type of music fan i described, Keep reading. It is with my greatest Canadian pride to introduce you to Vancouver British Columbia’s very own orchestral metal Opus Arise. A nine piece powerhouse band with ideas and outcomes that go so much farther than lyrics could ever take them. (although if ever given the chance..that would be one hell of a rock opera) On December 2nd 2022 they released their newest album “The Network” a eight track instrumental adventure with the most incredible combination of classical and metal, a perfectly timed shot of electronic, and video game music to chase. It’s a full journey of a soundscape to chaos that completely entrances you, taking you away to a whole new world. So in depth that it gets your heart and mind racing and wondering what is about to happen next. Really, what more do you want?

After the self release of their first album ‘Revelation’ in 2016, members of Opus Arise have been pouring their hearts and souls into ‘The Network’, the band expanded on their few year

battle of writing and composing this album “..We’re stoked that we brought the album to what it needed to be after much trial and error. We hope everyone will enjoy this journey through this cyber-punk inspired world.” All oftheir efforts and hard work has certainly showed, and I cannot wait to see what Opus Arise is going to do next.

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