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The Intemperate Sons Release New Single "Broken Door" to All Major Platforms

Photo Credit: Ardent Owl Media "Broken Door" can be streamed at: WATCH "Broken Door" by The Intemperate Sons featuring Amir Derakh on bass and starring Cody Renee Cameron who was in El Camino (Breaking Bad sequel).

Indie rock band The Intemperate Sons released their new single "Broken Door" to all major platforms today! The single is from their latest album The Color Within that released via FRAME|WORK on August 12, 2022. "The Intemperate Sons release 'Broken Door', the latest track off the full-length album, The Color Within. This track features long-time collaborator, producer, and mixer, Amir Derakh (Julien-K, Dead by Sunrise, Orgy, Rough Cutt) on bass. Broken Door illustrates the depths of addiction and the fight to overcome those demons lurking in the shadows of our mind. The Intemperate Sons will follow this track release up with a video directed by Paul Gervasi at Royalrockfilms featuring Cody Renee Cameron (El Camino). Broken Door was recorded at The Kitchen Recording Studios in Dallas, TX and mixed by Amir Derakh in Long Beach, CA. Mastering was done by Mike Marsh in the U.K." says the band. The album was produced by Amir Derakh and Keith Watson. Amir mixed the album and played bass on 'Wall of Glass", "What’s Done is Done", "Broken Door", "Remission", and "Believe", as well as, played slide guitar on "Dust to Dust." Tony Franklin played bass on "Running Man", "The Color Within", and "Dust to Dust." Mike Marsh mastered the album. All songs were recorded at The Kitchen Recording Studio, Dallas, TX by John Painter. Formed in the summer of 2019, The Intemperate Sons are an indie-rock band that are the perfect concoction of hard rock mixed with folk, grunge, and alt sensibilities. The band hails from Dallas, Texas and have earned a reputation of writing and performing songs that scratch deep into the groove of the human experience. The band’s music is deeply eclectic across the rock genre with powerful vocal harmonies to tie their melodies together. Fronted by Max Watson (lead vocals, guitars, keys) who plays alongside Jake Watson (guitars, backing vocals) and Mark Marks (Bass), and anchored by Keith Watson (drums, backing vocals, primary lyricist) they form what is a tight knit rock and roll band that is The Intemperate Sons. The Intemperate Sons are: Max Watson (vocals, backing vocals, guitars, keys, bass) Jake Watson (guitars, bass and backing vocals) Keith Watson (drums, backing vocals) Mark Marks (bass)

Tracklisting: 1. Wall of Glass 2. What's Done is Done 3. Running Man 4. Broken Door 5. The Color Within 6. Going Crazy 7. Remission 8. Believe 9. Wading in the Gray 10. Dust to Dust

The Intemperate Sons Show Dates: Fri Oct 7 @ Mavericks Bar & Grill in Arlington, TX w/ Natural Born Thrillers Sat Nov 12 @ O'Riley's in Dallas, TX Sat Dec 10 @ Willie's Lounge in Dallas, TX

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