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Tarja Releases New Live Video For "Innocence" — WATCH


TARJA SHARES LIVE VIDEO FOR "INNOCENCE" — WATCH SINGER CELEBRATES SIX IMPALA DOUBLE-SILVER AWARDS FOLLOWING THE RELEASE OF HER NEW ALBUM BEST OF: LIVING THE DREAM Coinciding with the release of her first-ever Best Of: Living The Dream one week ago, Tarja is being presented with six Impala awards commemorating more than 250,000 sales in Europe for her albums Beauty And The Beat, Act II, Luna Park Ride, The Shadow Self, In The Raw, and From Spirits And Ghosts (Score For A Dark Christmas). To celebrate, Tarja and earMUSIC shared the live video for her song "Innocence." First released on Tarja's fifth studio album The Shadow Self, the fan-favorite expresses Tarja’s gratitude towards classical music. Watch the video here. Best Of: Living The Dream is available here. The live version, recorded on January 23, 2020, at the Circul Metropolitan in Bucharest, is part of Tarja's brand new live release Circus Life, which is exclusively available on the Limited Mediabook and Box Set of her Best Of: Living The Dream. The concert shows Tarja playing with an expanded band of 17 musicians and performing many of her most well-known tracks in new arrangements. CONTENT/TRACK LISTING: 1CD Jewelcase / 2LP Gatefold (180g, black) / Ltd. 2LP Gatefold (180g, crystal clear): 16 Tracks, handpicked by Tarja

Ltd. 2CD+Blu-ray Mediabook (48pages): CD1: 16 tracks (=1CD Jewelcase) CD2: 13 further rare tracks from Tarja's career (B-sides, rarities etc.) Blu-ray: Two hours of previously unreleased live show Circus Life. Filmed January 23, 2020, at the Circul Metropolitan, Bucharest, Romania + all official music video clips

Ltd. Box Set: 3CD+BD earBOOK (36 pages) CD1: 16 tracks (=1CD Jewelcase) CD2: 13 further rare tracks from Tarja’s career (B-sides, rarities etc.) CD3: 19 tracks selection of Tarja’s classical side projects and Outlanders Blu-ray:previously unreleased, 2 hours full live concert Circus Life on video. Filmed January 23, 2020 at the Circul Metropolitan, Bucharest, Romania + all official music video clips) 4 Picture Disc (incl. CD1+CD2) 6x art prints 2x posters 1x fine art print signed by Tarja

CD1 / LP1+2 TRACK LISTING: "Eye of the Storm" "I Walk Alone" (Single Version) "Die Alive" (Alternative Version) "Enough" "Falling Awake" (Feat. Jason Hook) "Until My Last Breath" (Single Version) "I Feel Immortal" (Radio Remix) "Victim of a Ritual" "500 Letters" "Never Enough" "Innocene" (Radio Edit) "Demons In You" (Feat. Alissa White-Gluz) "Diva" "Dead Promises" Ffeat. Björn "Speed" Strid) "Tears in Rain" "You and I" (Band Version)

CD2 + PICTURE DISK 3+4 TRACK LISTING: "Oasis" "Sing for Me" "Anteroom of Death" (Edit Version) "In for a Kill" "Naiad" "Crimson Deep" "Mystique Voyage" "Deliverance" "Into the Sun" "Eagle Eye" (Feat. Chad Smith) "Too Many" "Love to Hate" "Shadow Play"

CD3 TRACK LISTING: "Rukous, Op. 40 : N°2" "Oi, Kiitos Sa Luojani Armollinen" "Ave Maria" (Camille Saint-Saëns) "Ave Maria" (Giulio Caccini) "Ave Maria" (Tarja Turunen) "Walking in the Air" "You Would Have Loved This" "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" "Together" "O Tannenbaum" "What Child Is This" "Varpunen Jouluaamuna" "Heinillä Härkien" "En Etsi Valtaa Loistoa" "Witch-Hunt" "You Take My Breath Away" "I Feel Pretty" "The Cruellest Goodbye" "World in My Eyes"

BLU-RAY TRACK LISTING: "Mystique Voyage" "500 Letters" "Naiad" "Diva" "You and I" "Love to Hate" "Demons in You" "Never Enough" "Falling Awake" "I Feel Immortal" "I Walk Alone" "Victim of Ritual" "Innocence" "Die Alive" "Tears in Rain" "Dead Promises" "Until My Last Breath" "Shadow Play"

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