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Suicide Silence...Remember You Must Die

In highschool I religiously listened to Suicide

Silence, I had the sticker on my IPhone 5 case, I went through

more pairs of headphones than I can count from playing it so

loud, I had all the t-shirts that gave my teachers the yips..but

that was a long time ago, and if you listen to Suicide Silence

like I did, then you know that sadly, a lot has changed since

then. We had to give a heartbreaking goodbye that we weren't

ready for, and later give a new hello. I’m here to assure you

that one big thing has remained the same. That earth shaking,

ground breaking, head banging, bad ass, unique sound? It’s

still going strong and evolving for the better now more than

ever. On March 10th 2023, Suicide Silence released their

seventh studio album titled ‘Remember..You Must Die’. A

twelve track astronomical wake up call to the world we live in

and the taboo topic of death.

The first track on this obituary of life is the instrumental

interlude ‘Remember..’ It starts off with an electronic influence

to “ease” you into the carnage and chaos you are about to be

thrown into. That carnage and chaos takes no time getting

warmed up with the second track ‘You Must Die’, frontman

Eddie Hermida’s guttural growls are damn near demonic.

Which sets the tone perfectly for the whole album,

Immediately giving you a heads up for what exactly is about to

go down.

Lyrically this album is so deep and honest it’s

devastating, ‘Fucked For Life’ (track 4) hit’s so hard you can

feel it. I think this song is about finding not comfort but

acceptance in your mental illness, or addiction, or whatever

your vice may be. I think it’s the smack in the face truth of

understanding that you’re just FUBAR’D (Fucked Beyond All

Repair) or in Suicide Silence’s words, Fucked For Life and

just reviling in that fact. There's nothing you can do about it

but continue to navigate life while knowing you’re always

going to be this way. In every strum of the guitar, every pound

of the drum, every growl, every slap of the strings..These

guys are pissed off and they want us all to know it.

Now, instrumentally speaking my favourite track is ‘Endless

Dark’, the drums on this one are absolute gold, the insatiable

hammering that is going on behind that kit is incredible. When

you have that to match the godlike rhythm coming from the

bass, then to top it off add in the two different guitar riffs that

complement each other so damn good it’s going to make your

pretty little head spin exorcist style.

Here we go, the big one. The devastator, the closer, or as

i like to call it, The perfect ending to a perfect fucking album.

‘Full Void’ starts off with a resonant opening from the bass, as

the electric guitars slowly creep up on it and then from there

the song just explodes like a landmine. Everyone is on the

same page with the same end goal for this song. Bring it

home, and bring it home hard. The drumming that’s

happening is detrimental, Lopez and Iniguez absolutely killed

it in this song. Everything they are doing is on point and

absolute carnage. The rising and falling riffs coming from both

guitars sends your ears into overdrive with an overwhelming

sense of “holy shit this is awesome”.

As the instruments begin to simmer you think the song is

about to end, but our boy Eddie comes in with a sinister

spoken word to go with a closing interlude to close the book

on this wild ride through the devastating times we as people

face. So, with all of this being said. Go ahead and sink your

teeth into the void and Remember...You Must Die.


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