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Squidhammer Metal “Drowning In Flames”

Watertown Wisconsin is home to many things, But my personal favorite is Squidhammer. A creative and innovative metal/thrash band that first hit the scene with the release of their first album “Power Removal Service” In 2018. Since then they have been busy at work doing tours, festivals, and most recently Squidhammer has been hard at work on a collaborative series project, concluding of twelve planned tracks and over twenty vocalists all included in the wisconsin metal scene. They just released their second installment in the series on January 25th 2023 with the single and music video “Drowning In Flames” Ft Kyle Fowley of Digital Remains.

An ominous, and devastating theme screams through your ears with this hard hitting single that checks off all the boxes. As guitarist Jake Shultz elaborates on the bands lyrical vision “Drowning In Flames is the outside voice we all wish we could hear over our own noise.It’s everything you hope you’re not. It’s the shackles you watched your own possessed hands put around your very ankles. It’s the only way out. It’s the long road trip, musically speaking. A labyrinth. Hooks left and grooves right. A push/pull of thrash, chugs, and sway. It’s a bit of an arpeggio of a song structure with an exit hidden in the middle. Will you burn your way out? Or will you wind up right back where you started?”

This is going to be a huge year for Squidhammer Metal, The collaborative series, Playing at Milaukee’s ‘MetalFest’. I think these are the perfect steps to take into getting the Wisconsin metal scene on the map.

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