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RISE TO FALL Release New Album; "The Fifth Dimension" Out Now On Noble Demon!

Melodic Death Metallers RISE TO FALL have released their brand new album The Fifth Dimension via Noble Demon. Formed in 2006 in Bilbao, Spain, and with a constant output ever since, RISE TO FALL have become known for delivering music of the highest level. Featuring eleven tracks, the band's fifth album picks up where its critically acclaimed predecessor left off, delivering all the relentless melodies, hypnotic soundscapes and energy for which RISE TO FALL are held in high regard by critics and fans alike.

Guitarist Hugo Markaida on "Test of Time": "This is a song with probably the best intro of the album, which contains a lot of epic energy. It is followed by a very energetic verse and a chorus that comes with a change of tone and very melodic, but also complex vocals. It contains some old school riffs, fast and frenetic, and ultimately breaks into a very melodic guitar solo. It is a song that will not be missed at our concerts, a song that we believe you will love, all the fans of Rise To Fall."

The Fifth Dimension is out NOW on Noble Demon and available for purchase at THIS LOCATION Tracklist reads as follows: 01. Rising Sun 02. Hierophant 03. Intruder 04. Test of Time 05. Empty Ward 06. Infinite Crossroad 07. What Lies Beneath 08. Heroes 09. The Great Chain 10. Beam of Light 11. Black Ocean Rise To Fall are: Alain „Dalay Tarda“ Gutiérrez - Vocals Hugo Markaida - Guitar Dann Hoyos - Guitar Javier Martín - Bass Xabier Del Val - Drums

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