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OCEANS - New Single "I Sing Alone" + New Music Video

German nu-metal band OCEANS are set to release their third EP Hell Is Where The Heart Is - Part III: Clarity next month. It serves as the final part of the Hell Is Where The Heart Is EP series and will be released on November 25th along with the album Hell Is Where The Heart Is which consists of all three EPs. Today, the band release their new single "I Sing Alone", which deals with the mental struggles and intrusive thoughts that come with solitude and isolation. The new single is accompanied by a brand-new music video, which is comprised of fan-shot live footage.

Timo Rotten comments: “This song is so heavy and dark – it always gives me shivers. We are nearing the climactic end of our Hell Is Where The Heart Is trilogy and let me tell you that much: there’s no happy end this time.” Pre-save the EP and pre-order the physical album here: Stream the new single here:

Watch the new video for "'I Sing Alone" here:

Get the digital EP Hell Is Where The Heart Is - Part I: Love here: Get the digital EP Hell Is Where The Heart Is - Part II: Longing here:

Watch the previously released video for "If There Is A God She Has Abandoned Us" here:

Hell Is Where The Heart Is will be released in the following formats:

  • CD Jewel Case - 1000 copies

  • LP Sleeve Yellow Transparent Vinyl - 300 copies worldwide


Ever since their inception, up-and-coming German outfit OCEANS have dropped jaws everywhere they went. With a unique sound that sits somewhere between nu-metal, progressive, post, and death metal and putting mental health at the top of their agenda, the four-piece quickly became a known constant in today’s metal landscape. OCEANS have become known for their inclination towards innovation and experimentation within their genre; covering songs by the likes of Alessia Cara and collaborating with prominent musicians such as MACHINE HEAD’s Robb Flynn and CALIBAN’s Andy Dörner amongst others. Having released two EPs in 2019, their debut album in 2020, and another EP in 2021, the band featuring visionary mastermind Timo Rotten can easily be described as one of Europe’s hardest and fastest working bands in the genre. Enter 2022 and OCEANS have already proved that they’re set to continue on their upwards trajectory with their two latest offerings Hell Is Where The Heart Is - Part I: Love and its follow-up Hell Is Where The Heart Is - Part II: Longing.


Timo Rotten | vocals, guitar

Patrick Zarske | guitar

Thomas Winkelmann | bass

J.F. Grill | drums

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