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OCEANHOARSE Release Lyric Video for "Help Is On The Way"

Finnish heavy metallers Oceanhoarse, who recently completed an extensive European tour with Swedish prog metal masters Soen, will release their brand new album Heads Will Roll on February 17, 2023 via Noble Demon. After the band already stirred things up with their debut studio album Dead Reckoning (2021), the band's sophomore album seamlessly picks up where its predecessor left off and even goes one step further! In support of the upcoming full-length record, Oceanhoarse have unleashed the track "Help Is On The Way", streaming here:

Vocalist Joonas Kosonen comments: "'Help is on the way' is a perfect showcase on where we are musically right now. Having the strong backround of the more thrashier verses mixed in with the melodic choruses and solos. This tune gives out in one package what you can expect from the upcoming album." Furthermore, he reflects on Oceanhoarse's recent journey with Soen and what the future holds for the band: "The tour with Soen this fall showed us what we are able to achieve in big venues and with larger crowds. This gave us a glimpse of where we are going with our show and that there’s very little limits on what we can achieve with this group and our music. We’re hungrier than ever, so let’s fucking go!"

Tracklist reads as follows: 01. Fall Like Dominoes 02. Help Is On The Way 03. Pryopen 04. Brick 05. Smoke Signals 06. Waves 07. Dead Zone 08. Heads Will Roll 09. Adrift 10. Nails 11. Carved in Stone While "Help Is On The Way" already gives a profound insight into the diverse and energetic soundscapes of Oceanhoarse, the band's very own Hoarsefest offers another opportunity to look forward to the upcoming album! Hoarsefest, a festival curated by the band, will take place on December 30th at On the Rocks in Helsinki, Finland. More information can be found at THIS LOCATION and tickets are available HERE. "Hoarsefest will be the perfect showcase on where the underground scene of rock and metal is right now. And watching the lineup this year I can only say it’s very alive and kicking. If you wanna see the best of what’s about to hit your playlists in the future, you’d better check out Hoarsefest 2022!" Joonas Kosonen comments. Heads Will Roll will be coming out on February 17 and is now available for pre-order HERE

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