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obSCENE Stealers feat. Ken Lewis and Michael Maas Release New Single "Side Effects" Out Now

"Side Effects" can be streamed/downloaded at:

obSCENE Stealers released their new single "Side Effects" to all major platforms! obSCENE Stealers feed their musical co-dependence mainlining their new single “Side Effects”. Weaving a cinematic dark pop story of love addiction, "Side Effects" spills “There’s an unexpected innocence in letting all your walls down, yeah the flood can be too much I’m under water under you now”. obSCENE Stealers are music industry derelicts Ken Lewis & Michael Maas. Ken wears many hats in his genre jumping career, credited with the likes of BTS, Kanye, Drake and Taylor Swift. Michael plays at Big Boss Impossible Level in film trailer land, composing blockbuster trailers for Mulan, Star Wars, F&F, and more. oS wonder twin powers have activated to form a cinematic super group of endemic proportions. Listen now and become powerless to the “SIDE EFFECTS” of obSCENE Stealers, out now!

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