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Obituary: Dying Of Everything review by Jersey Lane

Obituary is classically known for being the founding fathers and pioneers of death metal, a title rightfully earned after their decades of success. Since starting in Tampa, Florida Obituary has had one mission and one mission only. Sound and play as cool as possible. For nearly forty years they have followed the same formula of cool and heavy, and it is the perfect example of “If it aint broke don’t fix it”.

As drummer Donald Tardy explains in an interview about the album “We’re kind of like cavemen; we don’t like to evolve too much. We like to change it up a little here and there, but we’re getting too old to change too much I think. So, as long as it’s heavy and pounding that’s what you can expect.” The album in question here is ‘Dying Of Everything’ a ten track album that fans world wide have been anticipating since the announcement of it’s release.

Set to make its arrival for January 13th, these pioneers have certainly met the pounding expectations of their fans. With their unconventional approach to song writing, letting the lyrics choose the song. Meaning, They start with the music and figure out which song will work best with the sound rather than lyrics. A bold move, but these guys have made an empire on that exact thing. So, clearly whatever they're doing is working immensely.

Since the beginning of their career in 1985, Obituary has paved the way for bands like Slipknot, Frozen Soul, Gatecreeper, and Undeath to create exactly what they want and how they want.

So, my little metalheads. Lets get into it.

Dying Of Everything is a powerhouse of everything that makes Obituary legendary. John Tardy’s unique vocals and Exorcist-like growls give you enough adrenaline to make you want to run through a wall. When you have a front man like that mixed with the Insatiable battle cries from Trevor Peres’ guitar, the pounding, thundering sound that is Donald Tardy on the drums, the ertherial scream of Ken Andrews’ guitar, and a healthy dose of Terry Butler slapping the hell out of those bass strings? Be warned, shits about to get loud and heavy.

It’s very clear to see why these guys have been deemed the “Pioneers Of Death Metal”, the passion they have for what they do bleeds throughout the entirety of this album. My absolute favorite part of this album is the instrumental chaos that is happening. The guitar riffs and slams of the whammy bar are nothing short of perfection. The Drums are consistently bad ass and downright insane in the best way possible.

My only flaw of this album is that I wish the bass was more present and blaring through. I would add that a different twist on their classic sound would have been cool. But hey, i didn’t create an entire genre of music that would influence some of the biggest bands to date. So, whatever it is that Obituary is doing and has been doing for the past thirty eight years? Keep fucking doing it.

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