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December 6, 2022 (Cleveland, OH) — Richmond-based, one-man metalcore outfit MyFloralFuture has released “Medusa,” the first single from their upcoming EP Is It Still Cannibalism If We Eat God?, which is set to drop on Dec. 9. The track is a feverish outpouring of emotions. The strained vocals of Saffron, the face behind MyFloralFuture, evoke a level of pain and struggle that many dealt with over the course of the pandemic. MyFloralFuture gave it a name and bled it out over crashing electronics and bouncing riffs—an ode to one’s former self. “‘The entire EP's theme is about falling from grace and being aware that you are falling, but unable to stop it. This album illustrates the turmoil of my mental health in the pandemic and truly sounds like someone on the edge,” he shares. “By the time I had finished writing this album I was a different person, a broken person, but the thing about being broken is the ability to pick up the pieces and keep moving forward.” “Medusa” features a guest vocal appearance from Bunny Gordon, a close friend of Saffron.

I really enjoyed working on it, having the privilege of witnessing the process, and being able to sing a part in “Medusa,” Gordon said. “As a good friend of Saffron, it was an honor to know the thoughts and feelings behind the songs and art and to be able to create covers that accurately reflect the message and feeling of the music.”

ABOUT MYFLORALFUTURE: The one-man metalcore and post-hardcore band MyFloralFuture, fronted by Saffron, dives into the darkest corners of humanity with the aim to bring meaningful art to audiences out of his personal suffering. "Tragic Hero" the band's first release marries massive guitar and bass with ethereal electronics. Aggressive, desperate screaming is combined with soft somber hooks and melodies. "Technology has evolved so much over the last few years and so much of electronica, hip hop, and pop tropes can be mixed into a hardcore song to make it not only Soul crushingly heavy, but to make it dynamic and unique" The first EP encapsulates being trapped - by those around you, those in power, and ultimately by yourself. "I was trapped for years in an oppressive system that I only made worse. I did manage to come out the other side as a stronger, better person," he states. "Still, I've only just started the heavy lifting, and I'm gonna need a lot of time and work to feel like I can really put this behind me. I also know that some of it I won’t be able to, it will stay with me. The least I can do is write through it and take you with me as I’m sure so many others have felt like I have. Maybe I can offer some peace, maybe not. I just hope I can deliver a sense of solidarity."

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