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Mom Rock Hits A Bullseye

The “Golden Age Of Music” or as Gen Z now calls it..”Dad

Rock” it seemed for a long time it was a sound and feeling that

was replaced with rap and anything but actual music and lyrics.

Some have made the attempt to change that, and by ‘Some’

mean the one and only three piece band ironically and hillariously

called ‘Mom Rock’. This show stopping band was formed in 2017

at a basement party while they attended Boston’s Berklee College

of Music and the rest is history. Since then, a few things have

changed a new faces was added, while another departed but one

thing is for sure, the party has been going strong and Mom Rock

is making some serious impact on the scene right now. Even

receiving a tender embrace and a watchful eye from Rolling Stone

Magazine, in the Hot issue on June 30th 2022, calling them “One

of America's best young bands before graduating college.” The

hot list issue about the band was a perfect description and

brought a shining light onto these new mothers of rock.

There are huge things on the horizon for Mom Rock, another

round at the five day, open water rock fest “Rock The Boat”, a

spot on stage at ‘Shaky Knees Alternative Music Fest’ alongside

some BIG names like; The Killers, Greta Van Fleet, The Yeah,

Yeah, Yeah’s, The Lumineers, Hozier and the list goes on.

On February 10th 2023 they dropped their newest single

since the 2022 release of their out of the park, home run of an EP


‘Bullseye’, is an explosive but groovy ballad that brings you right

to the dance floor of the Troubadour in 1984. (The band and

myself included weren’t there to experience that, but i can only

imagine that this is what is felt like) The bass line to kick it off sets

the perfect rhythmic vibe for the song, a happy and toe stomping

guitar riff to join and then to top it off the jaw dropping vocals, an

indie sound with a classic twist to it. Alternative Press dissects the

bands sound saying “Mom Rock is one of the most electric bands

in the alternative scene right now, so it’s no surprise that they’re

exemplary for 80’s -derived influence.The group brings nostalgia

from multiple angles, scratching both those power-pop and rock.”

So, there you have it folks. It’s Mom Rock’s world and we’re just

lucky enough to live in it, I personally can’t wait to see what they

do next. I don’t think I have ever hit a follow button as fast as I did

during my listening research on spotify.

This is just the beginning for these guys, and I couldn’t think

of anyone more deserving of the spotlight.

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