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Locket Share "Blame My Brain"


LOCKET SHARE POWER POP ANTHEM "BLAME MY BRAIN" — LISTEN NEW ALBUM SUPERLUMINAL OUT NOVEMBER 10 VIA FEARLESS RECORDS Canadian alt rock band Locket recently announced their new album and second full-length Superluminal, out November 10 via Fearless Records. Pre-order it here. The band has shared another single from the album, this time in the form of the power pop anthem "Blame My Brain." It's got big hooks, bold harmonies, and it's brimming with melodies. It's incredibly catchy but also boasts hard-charging guitars to give it an extra edge. Listen to the song and watch the visualizer here. "This song is about being so used to keeping thoughts to yourself, that by the time you're ready to open up or express yourself, the words escape you," says frontman Brad Garcia. "Almost like the introvert in me is keeping the extrovert at arm's length, but never closer. I'm envious of people I know who are able to express themselves so effortlessly. I'm sure people who grew up in similar households — sharing wasn't really a part of the routine — can relate. Lyrics aside, this song was a perfect exercise for honing in on who we are, or were, when we started writing the record back in 2021. It's familiar territory explored through whatever lens we had at the time. Power chords and vocoders? Sure, why not." Locket also performed their song "Sonic Bloom" for The Recording Academy's Press Play series. Watch it here. Recording their second full-length, Garcia states, "When 'band world' got put on pause back in 2020, it almost felt like a sigh of relief. We found this sense of freedom in being able to just write music for no other reason than writing music. With real pressure we could just write riffs, not overthink anything. And I think because of that, sonically, the record feels so authentically us." He continues, "Thematically, I approached writing this record from this place of not knowing what's next (for the band or for ourselves as individuals). It ended up being this cathartic process of learning to deal with this central part of your life being forced across a tightrope, and ultimately learning to be alright if it slips and falls apart, because it might make way for a new chapter. We started writing this album as band guys in our twenties. By the time it comes out we'll be in our thirties, married, with a clearer understanding of who we are as people that have this insane privilege of making music together where people actually listen. We don't take that for granted. Also, we all think the album fuckin' rocks, so that's probably the most important thing." SUPERLUMINAL TRACK LISTING:

"Sonic Bloom" "Blame My Brain" "Kilayear" "Rearview Memory" "Tear Me to Pieces" "you&I" "Fun House" "Glowing" "Marathon" "Finale" Locket, whose core members (Garcia, guitarist Cory Bergeron and bassist Travis Morrison) have achieved more than they ever could have dreamed of when they started out 10 years ago in a band under a different name. Once reforming as Locket, they released the album All Out in late 2019. The record earned positive press from publications including Billboard, The Alternative, and New Noise, and the single "Hunnie" has racked up more than 1.6 million Spotify streams.

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