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“Just Like Heaven - A Tribute To The Cure” out today, April 21st

Los Angeles, CA (Friday, April 21st) – An international gathering of dark wave’s next generation of artists pay tribute to the godfathers of goth rock, The Cure! French electro-techno-punk fusion duo Velvet Condom, Italian post-punk inspired trio Soviet Soviet, and English alternative rock group Demob Happy harness together a unique combination of classic shoegaze layered with elements of grunge underground metallic-electro-punk-techno fusion in their craft. The album also includes superb performances from Scandinavian Industrials Priest, Washington’s This Cold Night, French duo Minuit Machine, Berlin’s Pink Turns Blue and so much more! The multifaceted groups bonded over their mutual love of The Cure and collaborated to create the album “Just Like Heaven - A Tribute To The Cure” released today, April 21st.

Selected artists released a series of singles leading up to the album drop, consisting of Velvet Condom’s “Just Like Heaven” Soviet Soviet’s “In Between Days” and Demob Happy’s “Pictures Of You” all which can be found on the album “Just Like Heaven - A Tribute To The Cure.”

Inspired by the underground electronic, industrial goth and darkwave music of Berlin, Germany, Velvet Condom brings a grungy undertone to the album on their cover of The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven.” Hailing from Strasbourg, France, artists Alice Gift and Oberst Panizza make up Velvet Condom - a duo who became fed up with the classic sound of mainstream bands of their time and decided to band together to express their love for the Cold-wave genre. Soviet Soviet brings an unforgettable texture to the album as well as English artists Matthew Marcantonio, Adam Godfrey, and Tom Armstrong, who make up alternative rock group Demob Happy. Their pop-esque alt-rock style, reminiscent of the original track from The Cure brings the perfect addition to this tribute album.

"The Cure is one of the most important bands that connected us in the beginning. On the one hand the coldness and minimalism and on the other hand the noisy shoegaze sound is a combination that has always been our guideline for Velvet Condom. Also, we've always loved their idea of making intelligent pop songs,” shares Velvet Condom.

The combination of these groups on their tribute album “Just Like Heaven” promises to be nostalgic but with a new modern flair. The Cure fans and music lovers alike will find much to love in these new versions, from anti-pop to electronic to shoegaze, darkwave, and alternative. “Just Like Heaven - A Tribute To The Cure” is available on all formats including CD, vinyl and digital download and is streaming now on all platforms!

Cleopatra Band Camp:

Link for the digital album:

Link for the CD/vinyl:

Here’s the track list:

1. In Between Days - Soviet Soviet

2. Fascination Street - Buzz Kull

3. Boys Don't Cry - Pink Turns Blue

4. The Lovecats - Priest

5. Pictures Of You - Demob Happy

6. Lullaby - The KVB

7. Close To Me - This Cold Night

8. Lovesong - Minuit Machine

9. Just Like Heaven - Velvet Condom

10. Friday I'm In Love - Crying Vessel

11. A Forest - Ritual Howls

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