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Hollow Front Announce "The Fear Of Letting Go" + Share "We're All Left Suffering" Video

HOLLOW FRONT ANNOUNCE NEW ALBUM THE FEAR OF LETTING GO ALBUM ARRIVES OCTOBER 27 VIA UNFD BAND SHARES VIDEO FOR "WE'RE ALL LEFT SUFFERING" — WATCH Grand Rapids, Michigan-based metalcore slingers HOLLOW FRONT have announced their new album The Fear of Letting Go. It arrives October 27 via UNFD. Pre-order it here. Today, the band has shared the video for "We're All Left Suffering," a track that finds Hollow Front in absolute beast mode, fusing vitriolic fury, riffs, and vocals, with forward-thinking guitar shred! Watch it here. "This track is an anthem for the broken spirited," says vocalist Tyler Tate. "We live in a world riddled with heartache and constant struggle. Whether mentally, physically, or financially, we are a collective of human beings doing our best to survive." He continues, "I think with everything that's happened in the world over these last three years, things might seem hopeless. It feels like the whole world has gone mad, and we're all just here suffering along for the ride. It can be incredibly discouraging being a human in today's social and economic climate. So I think this song is for those people who are sick of dealing with the bullshit life is throwing at them, and just want to truly breathe for once." "We're All Left Suffering" follows "Letting Go," which addressed the exit of singer/guitarist Dakota Alvarez and served as a swan song for him. THE FEAR OF LETTING GO TRACK LISTING: "The Fear Of" "We're All Left Suffering" "Will I Run?" "Over The Cradle" "Crash & Burn" (Feat. JT Cavey) "Underpressure" (Feat. Dakota Alvarez) "Breaking Teeth" "Stay With Me" "Good Things Never Last" "Letting Go" (Feat. Dakota Alvarez)

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