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HELD HOSTAGE Release New Video for You Rock Our Way with Special Guest Vocalist Tim Ripper Owens

Held Hostage on the Metal Hall of Fame Red Carpet.

Held Hostage's Tom Collier excited about his new Viper Guitars endorsement.

You Rock Our Way Held Hostage with Special Guest Vocalist Tim Ripper Owens

Held Hostage with special guest vocalist Tim Ripper Owens brings the "HEAT" with their Billboard hit (18 weeks on Billboard charts and counting) song You Rock Our Way. You Rock Our Way is all about doing what you love and not being afraid to bring the rock that is deep down inside all of us. This epic song has changed the course of Held Hostage and opened them up to a whole new world of fans. GET READY to ROCK OUR WAY. You can watch You Rock Our Way Held Hostage with Special Guest Vocalist Tim Ripper Owens at Held Hostage is targeting Memorial Day to release the band’s first live album. Following that, Held Hostage is planning on releasing their next studio record this Fall of 2023. It will be a full-length record 12 songs total. It will be called Held Hostage Rescue Me. Tom Collier, lead guitarist, on playing at the Metal Hall of Fame, "Playing the Metal Hall of Fame and watching such incredible bands/players such as Twisted Sister, Lou Gramm, Raven, Chris Impelliteri, and Doug Aldrich be inducted after we played live, was such an honor for us. I couldn't be prouder of the guy's Scott Gregg, Ian Evans, Dave Carroll and Guest Vocalist Bill Ali for incredible job they did preforming at The Metal Hall Of Fame Gala with Held Hostage. Held Hostage was part of what can only be described as Rock and Roll History." The Metal Hall of Fame said this about Held Hostage, "The first performance of the night was the venerable Held Hostage band, who brought a hard-hitting American Traditional Metal set of originals. They stepped into a difficult spot, but proved that they belonged." While at the Metal Hall of Fame Held Hostage founder Tom Collier was offered a full endorsement by Viper Guitars. ​Held Hostage will be headlining this year's Spring Fest, April 1 2023, at Collocas Event Center Fair Haven NY. Last year Held Hostage released their brand new album "Great American Rock" on FireRock Music Group. The album is described as "American rock and roll at the purest form" by Cry Wolf Magazine. Tim "Ripper" Owens and Joe Lynn Turner provide guest vocals on the album. The album can be purchased and streamed at: and at the retailers such as Target, Walmart, Barnes & Nobles and your local record stores. Held Hostage is: Tom Collier - lead guitar/lead vocals Scott Gregg - rhythm guitarist/backup vocals Jeff Murray - drums Dave Carrol - bass /backup vocals About Held Hostage Held Hostage has toured as and been direct support act with many great bands including Metal Allegiance, Quiet Riot, Molly Hatchet, The Rods, Uli Jon Roth, Eddie Money, Benny Mardones, Manowar, Ross The Boss Band etc. Held Hostage is currently endorsed by many great products including SIT Strings, Rev Amps, Prestige Guitars, Barefoot Buttons, Clayton Custom Picks, Kick Lidz Drums, ProPlayer Art, Intune Guitar Picks, Guitar Gifts 4u, Big Bends, Best Tronics, Mental Case, Neat Audio, WBGear. The bands unique blend of screaming guitars, thundering kick ass drums, raging bass and uninhibited vocals will stay true to form. Held Hostage is ready and able to take their place in Rock and Roll history.

Held Hostage soundchecking at the Canyon Club for the Metal Hall of Fame.

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