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Filter Album review

Over the last two years Filter has kept beloved fans shivering with anticipation wondering what this ever evolving band is getting ready to do next. Look no further my fellow rockers, as I’m sure most of you know about the news that broke on December 5th? That Filter is going to be releasing a Limited edition 7” Vinyl record? Yes you read that right. A record. Two sides constructed of an incredible amount of power and emotion, justice and loss. Before I get too far ahead of myself, Let's start with Side A shall we? The kick off song is none other than “For The Beaten” Richard Patrick is back voicing his frustrations on how these past two years have gone. In his own words Patrick calls this hard hitting opener “Dynamic, Dark, and Heavy. Just like the moment we are in''. If that quote alone isn't enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention, then this song is surely going to do the trick. The opening of “For The Beaten '' is enough to get you hooked from the first few beats of Filter’s self described industrial trap metal. So, to break that down, not only is this side of the record a lyrical and musical shot to the emotional jugular, it's also a new introduction to a genre complemented with a modern twist on Rock n Roll. Really, It’s a full on listening experience. The political heaviness shows itself immensely in front man Richard Patrick’s powerful vocals. The raspy tones and drawn out notes make it that much more of an emotional listen with a heavy metal facade to cover up the deeper lyrics. Patrick is no stranger to making references to political issues through his songwriting abilities. Blatantly shown in Filter’s 2020 singles “Murica'' and “Thoughts and Prayers”. Both display a large amount of animosity towards gun violence and how not only America, but the world has been running since the dreaded year of 2020. Where gun violence is at an all time high, a pandemic ripped through all of us and all we were given in both examples was nothing but thoughts and prayers. The evident amount of anger and pain in the entire structural integrity of this song is so relatable and vulnerable in a way I can only describe as hauntingly beautiful and human.

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