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Eternal Closure album review

What I love most about Rock in all genres is that it almost always tells the story of the people who are fed up and angry. The ones like Eternal Closure who can stand up and scream “practice what you preach” in a current culture where the so called “in” thing to do is post pretentiously about supporting a very crucial and important topic like mental health. But when it comes down to it, there is no support. Really you’re on your own, kid. In a time exactly like these the best recommendation I have to feeling heard and seen is to turn to Eternal Closure. An up and coming six piece power house of a metal band from Montreal. This past September they released Chapter one of what we can only hope is the entrance to a modern saga that consists of every emotion and hardship that come with being an adult in todays world.

The opening song to this album is Conflict 1, a beautiful melody to kick it off that i find reminiscent of Pink Floyds “Coming Back To Life” with a glorious shot of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters”. But trust me it doesn’t stay soft and beautiful for long. Once the first chorus begins you get the true vibe for this song. Anger and pain. It makes me think of the many pressures brought on by social media and the fucking Kardashians. This song is exactly that. A big fuck you to the world thats telling you what and who you should be rather than being who you authentically are.

The second page of this chapter is none other than the first single off the album titled “Practise What You Preach”, its the perfect follow up that picks up exactly where conflict ended. It carry’s the same message, almost from different perspectives. PWYP feels more feminine, more emotional and painful. The lyrics in this song are intense and almost unsure “living up to what i’ve written leaving some truths unspoken. Is it my turn? My time to burn?” When you add lyrics like these with an instrumental story of its own happening behind it? Right off the bat you can hear the angry riffs and thundering drums. Its the utter despair that continues to get bigger, better, and louder in the instruments and vocals.

The entirety of this album is a ride of emotions that flow from song to song in seamless harmony. Listening to this album was nothing short of magic. 8.5/10

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