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Echos Releases Haunting New 'Affirmations Re-Imagined' EP + New Music Video For "Mad (Re-Imagined)"

Wednesday, February 22, 2023 - Industrial-tinged, ethereal alt-pop chanteuse Echos has today shared her latest EP 'Affirmations (Re-Imagined)' via Seeking Blue, a collection of fresh interpretations of select tracks from latest album 'Affirmations'. In celebration of the drop, Echos has shared the music video for "Mad (Re-Imagined)" from the EP. Speaking about today's news, songwriter and vocalist Alexandra Norton commented:

"I wanted 'Affirmations (Re-imagined)' to feel like you're listening to lullaby versions of the original record. A perspective shift if you will. So much has changed from when this original body of work was created up until now and I think you can feel the weight of that in all of these. The art of being able to strip a song down to its bones and feeling something new about it has always been one of my favorite parts about music and to be able to deliver these seemingly loud and angry songs in a newer softer tone was such a delicate task. I hope they help carry you through whatever it is you need to heal from.

I wanted "Mad" to be the lead single of this body of work because in its original form, it's so hard-hitting and in your face but when it's reconstructed it shows you the reasoning behind the anger which always reveals itself to be sadness. The lyrics are almost an oxymoron when presented in this way. To sing "i'm fucking mad at you" in a lullaby feels so harrowing yet comforting at the same time."

Stream 'Affirmations (Re-Imagined)' here, watch the music video for "Mad (Re-Imagined)" here or at the link below, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more Echos news coming soon.

WATCH: Echos' New Music Video For "Mad (Re-Imagined)"

Affirmations (Re-Imagined)


Track Listing:

1. Mad (Re-Imagined)

2. Sick (Re-Imagined)

3. Mourning (Re-Imagined)

4. New Eyes (Re-Imagined)

5. King of Disappointment (Stripped) ft Cxssidy

6. King of Disappointment (Re-Imagined)


ECHOS has matured from her early roots as an electronic dance music darling, to creating emotionally commanding, and cinematically vivid alternative-pop with eminence.

Having worked with established curator MrSuicideSheep and his label Seeking Blue for the last 5+ years – ECHOS has seen the fortune of millions of streams, impressions, and eyes on her music. Her breakout track "Saints" has had over 1.7 million views on YouTube and nearly 38 million streams on Spotify alone.

Finding importance in the physical, ECHOS has not only seen huge gains digitally, but they have also supported large-room sold-out tours with electronic acts like Grammy Award-winning DJ/Producer Illenium, with whom they collaborated on massive track "Afterlife" which has over 15 million YouTube views and 20.5 million Spotify streams alone and have performed on the festival stages of Electric Forest, Snowglobe and more as well as a US tour with Alternative metallers I See Stars.

With her latest album, 'Affirmations' shifting to a deeper emotional focus, ECHOS lyricist, co-songwriter, and vocalist, Alexandra Norton has used these tracks as an outlet to document the battlefield of her battles with mental health and as an outlet to process the thoughts and feelings that don’t quite make sense.

ECHOS has nearly 600,000 monthly Spotify listeners and has over 500 million cross-platform streams to date across her catalog.

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