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DIGITAL NEGATIVE: MXDWN Premieres “March Onward”

Stream DIGITAL NEGATIVE’s “March Onward” HERE.

Virginia-based electronic/industrial project DIGITAL NEGATIVE presents “March Onward,” from their impending second EP. A visualizer for the song is now playing exclusively at MXDWN as the record rapidly approaches release.

DIGITAL NEGATIVE is Richard Johnson (Drugs Of Faith, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, ex-Enemy Soil) and Daniel Euphrat (Person918x, Timmy Sells His Soul). Simply named EP 2, the band’s second release delivers five brutal, electro-industrial tracks, while tackling some new ground. Unlike the band’s first EP that was put together during the 2020 Covid lockdowns when the project was spawned, Johnson and Euphrat worked in person to craft the new material; rhythmic sound collages constructed of guitars, electronic drums, samples, and vocals.

With the latest single, Euphrat states, "For 'March Onward,' the central element of the music is sort of an 'uncanny valley' bass guitar. The bassline is similar to what a guitarist might play, but since it is constructed out of single-note bass samples, the rhythm is too perfect, the timbre too repetitive. Stripping the riff of human touch, to my mind, makes it more hypnotic."

Johnson adds, "I approached the vocals a little differently on 'March Onward.' With some of the DIGITAL NEGATIVE songs, it wasn't obvious what to do with them, but it felt like I needed to embrace that repetition on this track."

MXDWN writes, “an intense and brutal electronic-industrial sound on repeat and very hypnotic in its rhythm across various instruments blended in perfect cohesion. Odd, harsh, intense instruments that don’t work together oiled in nice machinery creating ‘March Onward.’”

Check out DIGITAL NEGATIVE’s “March Onward” visualizer first through MXDWN now at THIS LOCATION.

EP 2 will see independent release through Bandcamp on March 3rd. Find preorders where “Industrial Scraps” and “The Floor” are playing HERE.

DIGITAL NEGATIVE is also working on the process of taking this project to a live setting over the months ahead with plans for regional shows and tour dates to follow.

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