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Derision Cult Addresses Mass Manipulation & Stimulation In New EP

Derision Cult Addresses Mass Manipulation & Stimulation In New EP Featuring appearances by members of Ministry, The Cure & Godflesh


December 5, 2022 - Industrial metal band, Derision Cult has just unleashed their highly-anticipated EP release, Mercenary Notes Pt. 1.

Mercenary Notes Pt. 1 continues on Derision Cult’s themes of over-stimulation that humanity is faced with in the 21st century. The EP contains a set of tracks which serve as a survival guide for maintaining mental health in a media-entrenched world determined to generate hysteria and sensationalism among the masses.

Derision Cult leader, Dave McAnally says: “On the last album, we pointed out ways the media prays on people’s emotions. On this one, we’re talking about solutions and how to move forward in the 21st century."

Mercenary Notes Pt 1 features a high profile cast of guests that include Chris Connelly (Ministry, Pigface), Reeves Gabrels (David Bowie, The Cure) and Justin Broadrick (Godflesh).

Mercenary Notes Pt 1 was produced by Sean Payne of Glitch Mode and is available on digital and CD formats with multiple bundle options . Part 2 of the Mercenary Notes series is due for release in 2023."Year Hope Failed" - Derision Cult

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