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Dayseeker Dark Sun Album review by Insanity

Dark Sun is the upcoming release from California-based band Dayseeker. Listening through the album is truly an out-of-body experience and takes you through many feelings and emotions. The songwriting is so honest and gut-wrenching.

I have listened to this album about 12 times, it still moves me. It makes me feel heavy in my heart, but that's what music is about. The production quality if flawless, as each instrument is blended in perfectly.

"Neon Grave" is a heart-breaking hard rock song that tells a story that i believe to be about loss and regret. I can feel the loss and the empty feeling deep in the lyricists heart. We can all relate to this song in one way or another. Losing someone that is so close to you that you'd die to see them again.

As a father i have to say that afterglow(hazel's song) hits me in a different type of way. The love of a father is like no other feeling in the world. Hearing his promise of always being there and a message that she is the greatest gift in the world is so genuine and nearly brings me to tears. I love love love this song!

Overall i love this album, but i felt myself feeling a bit down listening through the album over and over. Overall it's an enjoyable experience, and this is some of the best song writing. I give it a insane 8 out of 10 horns \m/

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