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Chinchillionaires release "Rip the Head Off" a musical journey of the obscure and weird

Ok my fellow deviants and degenerates. It's time for another album review. Let me start off by saying I've done over 200 album reviews and this album is the strangest most um, most unique ep I've ever heard. The band is The Chinchillionaires. So here we go, buckle up because this is going to be quite a ride.

"Rip the Head Off" is the album, saw it on TV is the opening track. Think about some twisted bizarre circus sideshow music, that's where we start. Onto a very catchy but odd track to put it mildly. I get a garage/punky vibe. This one instantly gets stuck in your head. A very straightforward message that the media is full of shit( I couldn't agree more). The line "It probably isn't true if you saw it on the news" resonates in this cancel culture, propaganda-filled world we live in.

Next up we seem to take a detour back to the 80's a-la "She Blinded Me With Science" or "Video Killed the Radio star". At this point i'm like what the fuck just happened? Not much to say about this catchy little tune, other than damn this is catch AF.

We are now at track 3. What was that weird song, Troll-la-la or some shit? Yes that's the vibe I get from this. Wait, am I tripping on acid, what the actual fuck is going on here and why do I love this so much.

Are you ready for track 4? Jamiroquai comes to mind for me and I have absolutely no idea how to describe what I'm listening to.

So this song takes you through what appears to be at least seven genres and four decades' worth of song stylings. As mentioned before I still have no idea what the hell I listened to but it's not terrible, and I actually dig it. If you like bizarre, unique and unpredictable music this is definitely for you. I give this one an extra insane 8 out of 10 horns. \m/

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