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Boston Heavy Rockers MAMMOTHOR Drop a Brand New Single “THE RED STATE BLUES"

Boston heavy rockers MAMMOTHOR drop a brand new single “THE RED STATE BLUES” fresh off their latest full-length album, The Silence of Ecstasy… The Agony of Dreams, available now in CD or 180-gram heavyweight vinyl through retailer Bull Moose and on all major streaming platforms.

Mammothor entered The Halo Studio in Windham, ME to record with Kevin Billingslea (Lamb of God) and Chillhouse Studios in Charlestown, MA with Will Holland (Fall Out Boy). The new material has been mixed and mastered by Zeuss (Rob Zombie, Hatebreed, Shadows Fall), at Planet Z in Hadley, MA.

THE RED STATE BLUES is the tenth track off their latest album and premieres worldwide on June 23rd, on all major streaming platforms, with a rockin' music video directed by Adam Noya (Red 13 Studios). The video showcases the lighter side of the band, with plenty of comedy thrown in alongside a hard-hitting song and performance. The signature tongue-in-cheek lyrics Mammothor has become known for, were inspired in part by films such as DELIVERANCE, WRONG TURN, and THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE.


Little piggy, squeal / When we cop a feel / You don't contest or don't mess with the man

With the gun in his hand

Wrists bound / Sewn mouth / You won't make a sound

Oh no / You can not go / We've got plans for you / As you're singing the red state blues

If you've got something to say then spit it out, 'cause you're up next in the scramble. There's no

one to hear you, no one to spare you, so let's scream together, say 'AH!'

Little piggy bitch /It's time to scratch that itch / You might have lost the map

But you followed the laughter/ And got what you were after

Hog tied /Wide-eyed/ In the countryside

Sweet breeze /Be free

You'd better run, piggy / Run piggy, run / You'd better run, boy

THE RED STATE BLUES premieres June 23 rd , 2023 on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer, and wherever digital music is sold or streamed.


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