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Blue Ridge Rock Festival attendee interview with Insanity

I have begun digging into the debacle that is the 2023 Blue Ridge rock festival. I'm going to be doing a series of interviews with attendees, workers and hopefully local authorities to get to the bottom of what actually caused the festival to be shut down. There is a facebook group called "Screwed over by Blue Ridge Rock Festival" and last I saw there was approx 20k members.

This group has so many similar stories from people that were left stranded in a major storm with no shelter. Also hundreds of reports of standing in lines for shuttles with no food, water or proper port a potties. Below is a video from an attendee that was brave enough to share his story of the horror that was thursday night for him. Imagine being stuck in a storm, told to evacuate with no means to do so. Then having to take shelter in a ditch in the middle of a forest for an hour for the storm to pass.

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